‘They Have Mustered Out Some Few’

May 27, 1865 (Sunday)

Samuel Bassitt in the 1890s.
Samuel Bassitt in the 1890s.

The mustering out of soldiers began almost immediately following the Grand Review. Some left as early as the 25th. For others, like sixteen year old Samuel Bassitt, who had volunteered the year previous. He had marched with Sherman’s army through Georgia and the Carolinas, but in early April, he came down with, as he put it, “the chronic diareah and I am getting rund down pretty low although I am up and around most all the time.”

He found himself in a hospital in North Carolina, and was then shipped back to Ohio, where he whiled away his time at Camp Dennison until being mustered out in June.

On this date, he wrote home.

Camp Dennison Ohio
May the 27 A.D. 65

Respected Father and Mother

This being a wet and rainy morning I thought that I would engage my time in writing you a few lines to let you know that I am still on the land amonst the living and sincearly hope and trust that those few unworthy lines may chance to find you enjoying the same state of good health I am still at camp Dennison and in the best of spirits but cant tell you when I will be at home I may be at home next week and then again I may not get home for one month It is hard to tell My Descriptive Roll has not come yet as I know of. They have mustered some few out but not very many yet It is awful wet here and has been for the last too or three weeks The Grand Review of the Army Commanded by Major General W. T. Sherman Took place at Washington yesterday morning And I suppose will soon start to their own Respective States to be mustered out of the United States Service to return to their own Native Homes once more to live in peace and quietutude once more.

Well Father the aint much sight of me being mustered out for one or too months but I am waiting patiently for the time to come Father I received a letter from you the other day and was glad to here that you were all well.

Well Father I must bring my scribbling to a close hoping to seeing an answer soon. I remain your true and most affectionate son. Samuel Bassitt

Address Camp Dennison Ohio
Ward 6 Division 2

And write soon and give all the news.

Excuse my poor writing and bad spelling and I will try and do better in the futur


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