Sherman’s Farewell and Lincoln’s Day Off

Sunday, February 17 ,1861

The resignation of William Tecumseh Sherman from the Louisiana Military Academy was accepted and, on this date, he was to give a farewell address to the cadets he loved so dearly.

He assembled his battalion and, as he walked from right to left, shook every hand, bidding each a kind and personal farewell. He then turned to look at his professors and back to the cadets. Unable to speak and with tears running down his face, he placed a hand over his heart and told them, “you are all here.”

With that, he was gone. Sherman was to leave for the north on the 25th, but first he would meet up with his friends Braxton Bragg and P.G.T. Beauregard in New Orleans.1


Being a Sunday, today was Lincoln’s day off. He was in Buffalo and was staying at the home of former President Millard Fillmore. At 10am, Fillmore and Lincoln attended the former’s place of worship, the First Unitarian Church on the corner of Franklin and Eagle Streets. Rev. George W. Hosmer delivered the sermon.

After services, the Lincolns dined with Fillmore before attending another service that evening where Indian preacher Father John Beason spoke on his experiences with tribes out west.

All in all, it was a quiet day of reverence and relaxation for the President-Elect.2

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