Setting Off on a Ramble

Howdy, CWDG fans! I just wanted to take this chance to let you know that I’ll be traveling for about a month and while the daily posts will pop up as usual, I won’t be around to answer questions, etc in a timely fashion (though I’ll do my best to get to them). The trip is a whirlwind jaunt across the country and back, complete with a wedding (my own) in Pennsylvania.


Though the trip isn’t Civil War based, we will be hitting a few Civil War sites, and I’m sure I’ll be posting a few photos of them on the CWDG Facebook page. Obviously I’m most excited about the wedding, but coming in a close second is a stop at Gettysburg to see a tour of Powers Hill given by Troy Harmon. I used to catch every single one of his tours when I lived in PA, and I’m absolutely thrilled to get to see another one.

We’ll also be buzzing by Antietam and maybe Harpers Ferry. Since we’re doing Route 66, on our way back, the battlefields of Wilson’s Creek, Carthage and Gloritta Pass (New Mexico) will be thrown in for free! We might even hit Lincoln’s Tomb. I’ve done 66 four times prior to this, but have never figured out just where the Gloritta Pass battlefield is located. Hopefully I’ll spot it this time (I’ve been close, and probably even on it without knowing it).

If you’d like, you can follow our antics on our travelblog and/or our Facebook page.

One of the small bummers is that I’ll be traveling during the Gettysburg anniversary (and no, I won’t be at the battlefield for the 150th). This means that I won’t be able to engage in any sort of conversations about what I wrote. I’m a bit nervous about this since if I’m going to get picked about about minutia, it’s going to be about Gettysburg. And I LOVE Gettysburg minutia. Ah well, talk quietly amongst yourselves.

We hit the road tomorrow!


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7 thoughts on “Setting Off on a Ramble

    1. Those markers are new (as of 2012), but the website says that unaccompanied people aren’t allowed in the battlefield. Tours are given on Saturdays and Mondays. We’ll definitely investigate it and hopefully gain access to the site in some fashion or another.

  1. Really love the Daily posts. I thought I knew quite a bit about CW doings, but I’m learning new things every day from your writings. I look forward to checking each day for the next chapter.

    Congratulations on the impending nuptials.

    How do you know when Troy Harmon will be doing a Power’s Hill hike? I only see G’burg Battlewalks listed for the next week or so (thru 15 June), and nothing for Power’s Hill as yet…

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