Please Help Support Our Route 66 Polaroid Project!

Hi dear readers, I thought I’d give you a little bit of a life update and a request for you to help out with one of my nonCivil War projects (though there are still some CW bits in it). You can read all about that here.


Sarah and I are getting married in June. We’re driving back to Pennsylvania for the ceremony. For our honeymoon (which will happen immediately after), we’re driving the length of Route 66 from Chicago to LA. We’ve decided to make a project out of the trip.

Let me explain a bit. Over the past year we’ve rediscovered our love for vintage Polaroid cameras. They are plentiful at flea markets and yard sales. Oddly, they still make film for them! These are great, because, unlike digital cameras, you have a real photograph! We were so excited for this, we wanted to share it with everyone we knew. And that’s what this project is about.

We want to travel Route 66, take photos with vintage Polaroids and send them to people – friends, family, even strangers. Each photo will necessarily be a one of a kind, you will have the only copy in existence. We won’t even have one! . Each will be taken along Route 66 and will in some way capture the essence of the old road. And to be clear, regardless of whether the project is funded, we’ll be traveling Route 66 this summer. The support you give will allow us to purchase film, additional cameras and needed supplies for shipping the photos.

The project is being funded through We’ve already met our minimum funding goal, but there’s still a LOT of room for more supporters.

As far as the Civil War is concerned, Route 66 runs near (or even upon) several battlefields, including Wilson’s Creek, Carthage (Missouri), and Glorietta Pass, NM! We’ll be hitting all of these places and more! Of course, the whole point of the trip is to get off the interstates and discover the history of the road and of the small and strange towns along the way.

You can join us, so to speak, by letting us mail you a photo of our travels. This might seem like a bit of an odd idea, but I really do believe it’ll be fun. So check out the project page and see for yourself. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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