‘Carry Out What You Propose’ – Federals Halted South of Petersburg

October 2, 1864 (Sunday) “Mott is now moving to take position on my left,” wrote General John Parke, commanding the Union Ninth Corps south of Petersburg. “As soon as he is in position I will advance the whole line.” The “whole line” was both the Ninth and Fifth Corps, with the addition of Gershom Mott’sRead More

The Rebels Attack at Dawn!

October 1, 1864 (Sunday) There had been gains the previous day. The Confederates under Henry Heth had thrown back the attacking Federals, and though works were lost, their progress was cut and on the morning of this date, Heth only wished to do more. Through the gray and muddy predawn hours, Heth formed his menRead More

Grant Tries the Other Flank

September 30, 1864 (Saturday) Following the previous day’s loss of Fort Harrison between Richmond and Petersburg, General Lee was quickly pulling entire brigades from the southerly Petersburg lines to retake the works. Their removal began the evening past, and with their egress came the discovery by Federal cavalry. General Meade correctly deduced that the troopsRead More

Grant Surprises Lee North of the James

September 29, 1864 (Friday) “I hope it will lay no constraint on you,” wrote President Lincoln to General Grant on the morning of this date, “no do harm anyway, for me to say I am a little afraid lest Lee sends re-enforcements to Early, and thus enables him to turn upon Sheridan.” Philip Sheridan hadRead More

Davis and Some Political Shuffling for the Battlefield

September 28, 1864 (Thursday) For Jefferson Davis, this was an important decision. John Bell Hood had done little more than retreat into and then out of Atlanta. But, he followed Joe Johnston who retreated all the way from Tennessee. Many of the officers and troops who were along for both retreats wished for Hood toRead More

‘He Contested Every Inch of Ground ‘ – Forrest Returns to Tennessee

September 27, 1864 (Tuesday) Following his raid into Memphis, Tennessee, Nathan Bedford Forrest did not simply fade into the grays of Tennessee. For a time in late August, he was ushered to Mobile when it was feared that the city might fall, but when the crisis drew to a timely close, he returned to northernRead More

Davis Arrives to Set Hood Straight

September 26, 1864 (Monday) Things were not going well for John Bell Hood. After taking the reigns of the Confederate Army of Tennessee from Joe Johnston after being sacked by Jefferson Davis, he continually dropped back, retreating through northern Georgia to Atlanta. Not too long after, Hood abandoned Atlanta and retired even farther south. ThisRead More