Lincoln Will Wait Until Washington

Thursday, January 17, 1861

Having had quite enough of the Cameron Cabinet fiasco, Lincoln announced that he would make no further Cabinet appointments until he arrived in Washington. Though there was much speculation, only New York Senator William Seward and Edward Bates (both former rivals for the Republican Presidential nomination in 1860) had been made official. Everyone else would have to wait.


The appointment of Joseph Holt to the Cabinet position of Secretary of War was submitted to the Senate for approval on this day by President Buchanan. There was some objection to Holt, fearing that he was a “coercionist,” but he would most certainly be approved and officially became Secretary of War.

Holt had basically held that position since John B. Floyd resigned on December 31.1

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    1. He did. While a lot of this came from political inexperience, a lot more of it came from people who thought he was much more inexperienced than he actually was.

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