Happy One Year Anniversary, CWDG!

Today marks the one year anniversary of the first post. This also makes the start of the Civil War 151 years old. Time is flying and the sesquicentennial keeps chugging along. Through the first year of the war, we’ve seen Lincoln become president, Fort Sumter surrendered, the Union lose the battles of Bull Run, Wilson’s Creek, Ball’s Bluff and a few other scraps here and there. Generals like Grant, Lee, Jackson and Sherman were just getting their footing to soon become the legends we now remember.

There have also been some changes at CWDG over the past year. My first post, which was about the candidates, was a mere 395 words long. Now the posts contain upwards of 1,000 – 1,200 words. My researching, as well as my writing, have gotten more refined and I have a definite style now. At first, I was worried that I couldn’t maintain the rigorous schedule of researching and writing, but I’ve been able to neatly fit the three hours each day that it takes to complete a post into my routine.1

The support that I’ve gotten has stunned me. People are purchasing books from my Amazon Wish List and even making donations to keep me going. I’m amazed that there are folks out there that would do that. For those that have done both, I cannot thank you enough.

In moving onto the second year of production, I’m always interested in ways to make the blog better. I’ve already incorporated several suggestions into the site and am very open to new ideas. I’m having a blast doing this and hope you’re have a good time too.

In a fine one-year anniversary celebration, Sarah and I made some wonderful cupcakes (if you haven’t noticed). Turns out that Civil War blogging skills are not automatically transferable to cupcake decorating.

Nevertheless, these cupcakes were quite tasty and from scratch. The recipe is from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero. It’s a great book with some to-die-for recipes.

Juniper Pürrito isn't happy about the -no cupcakes for cats- rule.

  1. For those interested, I get off work at 1pm and write until about 4pm. Then at night, I do a revision of the writing that posts the next day. On weekends, I’m up by 5am to pitch into it again. Usually my cat, Juniper Pürrito, joins me, sitting upon my lap or keyboard while I type. []
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11 thoughts on “Happy One Year Anniversary, CWDG!

  1. Can it really be a year already? Congrats on your fine work

    I for one am enjoying your posts immensely…keep up the good work.


  2. Thanks, thanks and thank you! It’s been a fun year and I’m looking forward to another few fun years to come! Plus, cupcakes.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday.

    Here’s an observation I wanted to make back when you mentioned the 100,000th page view but, by the time I read that post, it would have been even more belated than this. I (eventually:-) read every entry but I generally do it through the RSS feed. That means that most of my reading doesn’t show up in any of the statistics plus I don’t even show up as a subscriber. I imagine there are quite a few other in similar circumstances so I believe you’re even more popular than you know.

    Thanks so much for the hard work and great information .

    1. Thanks, Denny! RSS feed tracking is basically impossible, and so that’s definitely a concern of mine. Most of the blogs that I read, I do so through RSS feeds in GoogleReader.

      It does bug me that there’s no real way to tell if people are using the RSS feed, and you’re right, the CWDG could be more popular than I know, though I wouldn’t say “most” reading (I’d like to say that, of course. 🙂 ) .

      Incidentally, I’m starting work on another project (blog) that’s about the road. It will be less history (a little less) and more travel, but will have tons of photos and will hopefully explore the crap out of the pacific northwest. I’ll announce it here when it’s ready to go full on, of course. But just something to keep an eye out for.


      1. I just started using GoogleReader. I used Outlook for that before but I’m now trying to ween myself of Outlook altogether. GoogleReader seems to be a favorite of many. Oh, and I switched to Chrome, too. Strange days for me.

        I’ll certainly watch for the new project. Just not busy enough, eh? When I first saw the phrase “another project” I thought you might be getting ready to launch “The War of 1812 Daily Gazette”. Its declaration was 200 years ago come June.

        1. I switched to chrome a while back and like it tolerably well.

          And nope, apparently not quite busy enough. No chance on the War of 1812 Daily Gazette – too much of a mouthful. It is quite an event though. Strange little war that nobody seemed to lose.

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