Follow Us as We Hit the Trail for a Spell

Sarah and I will be heading out on a short jaunt through some Western states like Utah, Colorado and Wyoming – others too! We’ll be gone from Friday, July 20 until ten days later. Internet access will be spotty (we don’t usually stay in motels), but I’ll do my best to keep an eye on the blog.

We’ll also be doing our best to post to our travel blog while on the road. Mostly, it will be tons of photographs, but it’s beautiful country, so I don’t suspect anyone will complain. You can follow us at, our travel blog. Also, we have a Facebook group where I’ll be posting shots throughout the trip, here. Please feel free to “like” us. It would make us feel, well, liked!

Daily posts will, of course, continue to show up automatically. If you follow the blog via Facebook, I think they’ll post automatically there as well. If you follow on Twitter, however, you’ll be out of luck.

I’m still accepting orders for CWDG t-shirts, and will be until August 1st. I’ll try to address any questions or comments while on the road. It shouldn’t be too difficult.

As for what we’ll be seeing, well, there’s a ton of stuff, though little, if anything, will be Civil War related. Perhaps some Pony Express sites and a couple of old post-CW forts, and a possible stop at Fort Laramie (which was a CW-era fort). Probably some Lewis & Clark sites, too.

We’ll also (once again) be traveling the old Central Pacific Railroad grade across the Utah desert. The 100 mile stretch takes you right to where they drove in the Golden Spike. We also plan to hit a bunch of Oregon Trail sites.

Our travels are rarely upon the interstates – instead, we travel the two-lanes and dirt roads and always brake for historical markers. It’s slow going, but we love it. Mostly, we enjoy the road, enjoy the scenery, and look for the odd, strange, and interesting.

To read a little more about the trip, go here.

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  1. Eric,
    I have a great pre-Civil War site for you in Utah, of all places. Look up ” Camp Floyd” in Fairfield, Utah. It may be worth your time. Several future Civil War Officers served at the Camp and at one time it was the largest military base in the country. The story of the “Utah War” and Albert Sydney Johnston’s “invasion” of Utah Territory is an interesting one. If you have a chance take a look.

    Camp Floyd State Park is located in the town of Fairfield, 22 miles southwest of Lehi on State Highway 73. For more information about the event or park, please contact the park at 801-768-8932.

    Enjoy your vacation.