CWDG’s First Annual Book Sale Fund Raiser-O-Rama!

Hi folks! First, I’d like to thank everyone who has supported the Civil War Daily Gazette in the recent months. We’ve been around for over two years now (I actually missed the two-year anniversary!), and I really appreciate the continued donations of books and money – all of which are used.

Books are not cheap and with 1863 right around the bend, I’m stocking up. We’ve got Vicksburg, Gettysburg, and Chancellorsville, along with a slew of lesser-known campaigns and raids (I am ridiculously excited for Mosby’s Raid into Ohio as well as Meade’s Mine Run wanderings).

And so to raise a bit of money and to clear off a bit of shelf space, I’m selling over 75 books, the vast majority I’ve used to research and write the CWDG. There are some real gems here. Most are $5, though some really good ones are $10 or $15.

So what you’ll have to do is head over to our Facebook page (which is open to the public) and check out them out – they’re all individually priced. You can then use the contact form on the blog to contact me and tell me which you’d like. Money can then be sent via the Donation button you see on your right. Easy as pie! Shipping will be low – they’ll be sent “book rate.”

In Other News…
As many of you know, I wear many proverbial hats. The Civil War is obviously a huge interest for me, but it’s not my life. In light of that, I’d like let you know about a photography blog that I started a few months back. I’ve recently gotten into film photography and even develop my own film. It’s endlessly exciting.

I shoot mostly medium format film on vintage cameras (my oldest is from 1914). I’m pretty excited about it.

So anyway, if you like you can check it out here:
Load Film in Subdued Light

Lincoln Monument along the Lincoln Highway in Wyoming
Camera: Zeiss-Ikon Ikoflex (1939) || Film: FujiChrome Provia 100
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