CWDG Gets 100,000th Hit! Also, a Big, Huge Thank You!

About a week ago, the Civil War Daily Gazette had its 100,000th pageview.1 It’s not, when compared to other blogs, a huge milestone, but I have to admit that I’m pretty happy about it, especially since I’ve only been posting for about ten and a half months.

Pageviews are what old statistic trackers used to call “hits.” It doesn’t mean that I have 100,000 readers or even that 100,000 people have visited my site. It means that, when added up, people have collectively viewed the CWDG’s pages (and posts) 100,000 times.

In fact, 26,000 different individuals have visited CWDG 59,000 times. That may seem like a strange figure until you factor in reader loyalty. 56% of my readers are returning visitors. That’s not bad, really.

Here some other stats that really warm my heart. Nearly 10,000 readers have visited CWDG 100 or more times. Half of those have been here 200 or more (I only have 330ish posts). I’m actually quite humbled by those figures.

People from 103 countries have visited (most from the US, Canada, England and Italy). Of course, the overwhelming majority are from the US. California is (inexplicably) top when it comes to visits, with New York (thanks, Ryan), Texas and Illinois coming in after. I also see that Alaska and North Dakota need to step up their game.

My biggest day came came on April 18th (with the next three days being the next biggest) when Karl Rove tweeted about the CWDG. Thanks, Mr. Rove! My readership jumped from 175 visitors per day to nearly 2,000 visitors on that day. My average then went up to around 350-400 per day, which is where it’s stayed since then with some slight fluctuations here and there.

One of the most important things about running a blog such as this is knowing how your readers get to your site. 31% of the traffic is “direct.” 22% comes from search engines. That leaves nearly half of the traffic to come from “referring sites.” Most of the referring traffic comes from the CWDG Facebook page and StumbleUpon. However, quite a bit of it comes from Civil War blogs and message boards.

100,000 hits feels pretty great. I hope that the next 100,000 comes quickly. I’m loving the reading, researching and writing that goes into this and I’m showing no signs of fatigue or slowing down. I do believe I’m in for the duration (with the occasional furlough here and there, of course).

That said, I couldn’t dream of continuing without your support. In the past month or so, I’ve been blessed by a few surprises in the mail from my Amazon Wish List. Books like Shenandoah 1862 by Peter Cozzens, Pea Ridge by Shea & Hess, The Army of Tennessee by Horn, Civil War Kansas by Castel, and Wolf of the Deep by Fox (and some others) have all arrived to my great jubilation. I cannot thank the folks who have sent these books enough. Books are the biggest expense and for even a few of the ones that I use to be received as gifts is such a blessing. Thank you!

If you’re interested in checking out our Amazon Wish List, feel free to check it out. Remember, used books work just as well as new books, and at a fraction of the price (while usually supporting independent booksellers!).

So thank you for the hits, and thank you for the books, and, most of all, thank you for encouraging me to keep going by reading what I write.

  1. According to Google Analytics. []
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  1. Congratulations on your milestone, Eric! It’s a great site. I appreciate your ability to be comprehensive with all the battles and skirmishes and still manage to add in details – like Benjamin Butler’s tender letters to his wife.

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