CWDG Fundraiser! Huge Book Sell-off! Over 100 Titles Listed on Ebay!

Dear Readers!

1864 Virginia

I just wanted to let you know that I’m selling off a bunch of Civil War books on Ebay. This is to raise money to help defray the costs of running this website.

Every two years, I pay around $200ish for hosting, and that time has come around again.

While this sesquicentennial blog ended in 2015, I am still reposting for the 155th Anniversary on our Facebook page. Also, it’s a nice resource to have around for years to come. Here’s how to help.

I’m selling nine different lots of books, each focusing on a specific subject and containing a dozen or so titles.

You can go here to see all of the listings.

And here are all of the titles (with links!)

The Early War in the East
Chancellorsville by John Bigelow, Jr (HB – no dustjacket)
Campaign in Western Virginia by George B. McClellan (PB)
Lee vs. McClellan by Clayton R. Newell (HB)
West Virginia and the Civil War by Mark Snell (PB)
Six Years of Hell by Chester G. Hearn
The Baltimore and Ohio in the Civil War by Summer (HB)
On To Richmond by Stephen W. Sears (PB)
Counter-Thrust by Cooling (HB)
The Seven Days by Clifford Dowdey (PB)
Return to Bull Run by John J. Hennessy (PB)
Chancellorsville by Stephen W. Sears (HB)
Chancellorsville 1863 by Earnest B. Furgurson (PB)
The Civil War in West Virginia by Stan Cohen (PB)

1864 in Virginia
The Wilderness Campaign by Gary W. Gallagher (PB)
The Dahlgren Affair by Duane Schultz (PB)
Cold Harbor by Gordon C. Rhea (PB)
The Battle of the Wilderness by Gordon C. Rhea (HB)
The Battles for Spotsylvania Court House and the road to Yellow Tavern by Gordon C. Rhea (PB)
To the North Anna River by Gordon C. Rhea (PB)
Jubal Early’s Raid on Washington by Benjamin Franklin Cooling (PB)
Out of the Storm by Noah Andre Trudeau (HB – no dustjacket)
Sheridan in the Shenandoah by Edward Stackpole (PB)
The Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1864 by Gary W. Gallagher (PB)
Shenandoah Summer by Scott c. Patchan (PB)
From Winchester to Cedar Creek by Jeffry D. Wert (HB)
The Last Battle of Winchester by Scott C. Patchan (HB)

William Tecumseh Sherman: 1864-65
Southern Storm by Noah Andre Trudeau (HB)
Marching with Sherman by Henry Hitchcock (PB)
Sherman’s 1864 Trail of Battle to Atlanta by Philip L. Secrist (PB)
Clash at Kennesaw by Russell W. Blount, Jr (HB)
Kennesaw Mountain by Earl j. Hess (HB)
Autumn of Glory by Connelly (HB)
Sherman’s March Through the Carolinas by John G. Barrett (PB)
The Day Dixie Died by Gary Ecelbarger (HB)
Decision in the West by Albert Castel (PB)
Marching Through Georgia by Lee Kennett (HB)

The Wartime Navy and the Carolinas
The Siege of Charleston by E. Milby Burton (PB)
North Carolina in the Civil War by Michael Hardy (PB)
The Civil war in North Carolina by John G. Barrett (PB)
The Bombardment of Charleston by W. Chris Phelps (PB)
Guns on the Western Waters by H. Allen Gosnell (PB)
Civil War on Western Waters by Fletcher Pratt (HB – no dustjacket)
Wolf of the Deep by Stephen Fox (HB)
Gate of Hell by Stephen R. Wise (HB)
Success is All That Was Expected by Robert M. Browning, Jr (PB)
From Cape Charles to Cape Fear by Robert M. Browning, Jr (PB)
Thunder at Hampton Roads by A.A. Hoehling (PB)

Confederate Biographies
Rebel; Life and Times of John S. Mosby by Kevin Seipel (PB)
Bedford Forrest and His Critter Company by Andrew Nelson Lytle (PB)
Robert E. Lee and the Fall of the Confederacy by Ethan S. Rafuse (PB)
Stonewall Jackson by James I. Robertson (HB)
The Devil Forrest by John Allan Wyeth (PB)
P.G.T. Beauregard by T. Harry Williams (PB)
The Mosy Myth by Paul Ashdown and Edward Caudill (PB)
Joseph E. Johnston by Craig L. Symonds (PB)
Braxton Bragg and Confederate Defeat Volume I by Grady McWhiney (HB)
Braxton Bragg and Confederate Defeat Volume II by Judith Lee Hallock (HB)
General George E. Pickett in Life and Legend by Lesley J. Gordon (HB)
The Devil Knows How to Ride by Edward E. Leslie (PB)
Gray Ghost by James A. Ramage (PB)
The confederacy’s Greatest Cavalryman by Brian Steel Wills (PB)
Pemberton by John C. Pemberton (PB)

Mississippi and Some Other Stuff
Vicksburg 1863 by Winston Groom (PB)
Vicksburg is the Key by William L. Shea & Terrence J. Winschel (PB)
Sherman’s Mississippi Campaign by Buck T. Foster (HB)
Island No. 10 by Larry J. Daniel (PB)
Port Hudson; Confederate Bastion on the Mississippi by Lawrence Lee Hewitt (PB)
Vicksburg by Michael B. Ballard (PB)
Thunder Along the Mississippi by Jack d. Coombe (HB)
When the Devil Came Down to Dixie by Chester G. Hearn (PB)
A People’s History of The Civil War by David Williams (PB)
Apostles of Disunion by Charles B. Dew (PB)
The Road to Disunion Vol. 1 by William W. Freehling (PB)

Armies of Armies!
The Army of Tennessee by Stanley F. Horn (PB)
Autumn of Glory; The Army of Tennessee by Thomas Lawrence Connelly (PB)
Nothing But Victory; The Army of the Tennessee by Steven E. Woodworth (PB)
Days of Glory; The Army of the Cumberland by Larry J. Daniel (PB)
Army of the Heartland; The Army of Tennessee by Thomas Lawrence Connelly (PB)
Lee’s Miserables by J. Tracy Power (HB – no dustjacket)
The Sword of Lincoln; The Army of the Potomac by Jeffry D. Wert (PB)
A Glorious Army; ANV by Jeffry D. Wert (HB)
Mosby’s Rangers by Jeffry D. Wert (PB)
Mr. Lincoln’s Army; AoP by Bruce Catton (PB)
Damage Them All You Can by George Walsh (PB)

The Early-ish War in the West
Black Flag by Thomas Goodrich (HB)
The Darkest Days of the War by Peter Cozzens (PB)
The Civil war in Kentucky by Lowell h. Harrison (HB)
The Stones River and Tullahoma Campaigns by Christopher L. Kolakowski and Douglas Bostick (PB)
Bloody Valverde by John Taylor (HB – no dustjacket – bit of water damage)
The Battle of Glorieta Pass by Thomas S. Edrington and John Taylor (PB)
The Civil War in Kentucky by Kent Masteron Brown (HB)
Where the South Lost the War by Kendall D. Gott (HB)
Pea Ridge by William L. Shea & Earl J. Hess (HB)
Fields of Blood by William L. Shea (HB)

The Late War in the West
Hood’s Tennessee Campaign by James K. Knight (PB)
Confederacy’s Last Hurrah by Wiley Sword (PB)
Chickamauga and Chattanooga by John Bowers (PB)
Mountains Touched with Fire by Wiley Sword (PB)
Richard Taylor and the Red River Campaign of 1864 (HB)
This Terrible Sound by Peter Cozzens (HB)
The Knoxville Campaign by Earl J. Hess (HB)
Price’s Lost Campaign by Mark A. Lause (HB)
General Sterling Price and the Civil War in the West by Albert Castel (PB)
The Chessboard of War by Anne J. Bailey (PB)
In the Lion’s Mouth by Derek Smith (PB)
The Shipwreck of their Hopes by Peter Cozzens (PB)
Six Armies in Tennessee by Steven E. Woodworth (PB)

Each listing is starting off at $10 plus whatever shipping is applicable. And yes, I will combine shipping for all who want to bid on more than one lot.

Hopefully, this will generate enough funds to cover the next two years!


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