Jefferson Davis Calls for the Execution of Benjamin Butler and Black Troops

December 23, 1862 (Tuesday) Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederate States of America, certainly had a bee in his bonnet for Benjamin Butler. There wasn’t one thing in particular that set him off, it was the culmination of how Butler reigned over New Orleans that set the Southern executive into a fury. Butler was aRead More

Butler the Racketeering Mob Boss of New Orleans to be Relieved of Duty

In some ways, Union General Butler made New Orleans a more livable place for the poor. But he did so while skimming off the top and trading with the enemy. [November 8, 1862]

McClellan Still Yet Again Needs More Troops!; With Friends Like Lincolns….

Despite telling Halleck that 20,000 more troops would be enough, he now asks for 55,000 to attack Richmond. Meanwhile, Lincoln deals with his “friends” in New Orleans. [July 26, 1862]

Benjamin Butler’s Execution of Dissent

June 7, 1862 (Saturday) The City of New Orleans had been under Federal control for nearly a month and a half. During that time, General Benjamin Butler, the city’s de facto military governor, had gained his fair share of critics. While bringing order to the streets, he also brought strict martial law, curbed freedom ofRead More

Jackson Given Permission to Unleash his Men; Beast Butler

May 16, 1862 (Friday) General Stonewall Jackson, leading his army towards Harrisonburg, Virginia, had ordered General Richard Ewell to begin a move northward, down the Shenandoah Valley. His destination was to be the Federal troops under Nathaniel Banks, near Strasburg. After receiving the order, Ewell, already fairly disgruntled at Jackson, dragged his feet, figuring thatRead More

Johnston Evacuates Yorktown; Rebels 120,000-Strong?; Butler’s Proclamation

May 3, 1862 (Saturday) General Joe Johnston, Confederate commander on the Peninsula, spent most of the previous two days trying to figure out how to dislodge an army of 56,600 from Yorktown and its outer defenses. He had twenty-six brigades and thirty-six batteries. On the 1st, the plan was to move “tomorrow evening at sundown.”1Read More

Rebels in Corinth Prepare for the Coming Battle; Butler Takes Over New Orleans

May 2, 1862 (Friday) “We are about to meet once more in the shock of battle the invaders of our soil, the despoilers of our homes, the disturbers of our family ties,” warned Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard to his veterans of Shiloh. “Face to face, hand to hand, we are to decide whether we areRead More