Stocking Both Davis’s Cabinet As Well As Fort Sumter

Wednesday, March 6, 1861 While Lincoln was just as besieged by office-seekers as Anderson was by Charleston, the Confederate Congress in Montgomery, Alabama was at work ironing out the details of their new government. Davis finally had his cabinet in order. Mississippi’s Henry Ellett had been offered the Postmaster General position, but had declined. TheRead More

Lincoln Hears of Anderson’s Plight

Tuesday, March 5, 1861 Washington’s most important unemployed men, the former President Buchanan and his former cabinet, met at the War Department to discuss Major Anderson’s letter requesting an outrageous number of reinforcements. Ex-Secretary of War Joseph Holt composed a letter to deliver to Lincoln. With that, Buchanan left the city, returning to his homeRead More

Saint Valentine’s Day

Thursday, February 14, 1861 On this date in 1861 (or probably for this date in 1861), Richard Cadbury, son of the founder and soon-to-be co-owner of Cadbury Chocolate, created the first ever heart-shaped box filled with chocolate. These were promoted, first in England, as a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Gift giving to sweethearts onRead More