They Will Be Cheerfully Liberated: Mason & Slidell To Be Freed!

December 26, 1861 (Thursday) The celebrations of Christmas had not stood in the way of Lincoln’s Cabinet meetings and the discussion of what to do with James Mason and John Slidell, Confederate envoys to England and France, taken prisoner aboard the British vessel Trent. The incident had sparked much controversy and threatened to plunge theRead More

Clash at Chusto-Talasah; Hundreds of Rebel Indians Defect

December 9, 1861 (Monday) When we last left the Unionist Creeks in Indian Territory (modern-day Oklahoma), they had just slipped through the warring fists of Col. Douglas Cooper and his band of Texans and pro-Confederate Indians. They last fought near Round Mountain on November 19th. In the weeks that had passed, the Native Unionists, ledRead More

Stonewall Jackson’s Winter Plan; Kentucky Secedes (Sort Of)

November 20, 1861 (Wednesday) Just south of Winchester, Virginia, Stonewall Jackson, now reunited with the brigade that bore his name, was planning a winter campaign. Union reports of the time asserted that Jackson had as many as 26,000 men. Jackson, on the other hand, supposed Union forces poised to invade the valley were around 40,000.Read More

The Civil War of the Five Civilized Tribes; Davis Speaks on Trent Affair

November 19, 1861 (Tuesday) Though it seemed that the Five Civilized Tribes were united in support of the Confederacy, one Unionist holdout remained. The treaties with the South stated that they would only have to fight if their Indian Territory [modern-day Oklahoma] was invaded by Union troops. There was, however, a faction in the CreekRead More

Wise’s Second Pointless March to Carnifex Ferry

Sunday, September 1, 1861 About a week and a half before, Confederate General Wise marched his men seventeen miles to Carnifex Ferry in Western Virginia and back again under orders bipolar of General Floyd. As soon as Wise returned to his original camp at Dogwood Gap, Floyd asked him for a regiment. Only the dayRead More