‘Every Hour is Worth a Thousand Men’ – The Confusion Continues at Chattanooga

September 21, 1863 (Monday) “Be of good cheer,” wrote President Lincoln to the defeated General William Rosecrans. “We have unabated confidence in you, and in your soldiers and officers.” The President had received news of the Federal retreat from Chickamauga Creek to Chattanooga the previous evening and was doing everything in his power to seeRead More

“They Seemed Everywhere Victorious” – Union Route at Chickamauga

September 20, 1863 (Sunday) William Rosecrans, commander of the Union Army of the Cumberland, knew he could not attack. The previous day’s fighting along the Chickamauga had left his army wounded, and now only five brigades remained fresh. For him, reinforcements could not possibly come quickly enough, and they most certainly would not come onRead More

A Multitude of Missed Opportunities – The Battle of Chickamauga, Day One

September 19, 1863 (Saturday) Despite slowness and mistakes, the previous day had not ended in disaster from William Rosecrans’ Federal Army of the Cumberland. Braxton Bragg’s attempt to get around the Union left with three columns from his Army of Tennessee was stymied by two small Yankee brigades. They held for much longer than expected,Read More

Bragg’s Rebels Stumble Across the Chickamauga

September 18, 1863 (Friday) Confederate General Braxton Bragg was fairly certain that his plans were finally set. He had started, stopped, and started again his Army of Tennessee. Or, rather, he started half of it. Only two corps, under Simon Buckner and W.H.T. Walker, were to cross Chickamauga Creek to attack the Federal left flank.Read More

Resume the March Which was Suspended – Bragg Starts, Stops, and Starts Again

September 17, 1863 (Thursday) Braxton Bragg, Confederate commander of the Army of Tennessee had a plan. Originally, it had been a good plan, with roads and river crossings selected. He knew what he wanted, knew how to accomplish it, and in all likelihood could have pulled it off. But he didn’t. The plan was reducedRead More

Surprisingly Little Happening Along the Chickamauga

September 16, 1863 (Wednesday) Federal commander, William Rosecrans, had been warned. The previous day, General Gordon Granger, heading the reserve corps in Chattanooga, informed him that at least two Confederate divisions had marched through the town of Ringgold, fifteen miles southeast. From all previous information, Rosecrans was fairly certain that the bulk of Braxton Bragg’sRead More

Rumors, Misinformation, and Misdirection in the Mountains Along Chickamauga Creek

September 14, 1863 (Monday) Braxton Bragg had twice let opportunities to strike a decisive blow slip through his fingers. It was due to insubordination and lack of his own clear and direct orders that both chances were gone. However, the Federal Army of the Cumberland, commanded by William Rosecrans, was still fragmented, while his ownRead More

This is All Wrong, We Have No Business Here – Stumbling Toward Chickamauga

September 12, 1863 (Saturday) Convinced that Braxton Bragg’s Confederate Army of Tennessee was retreating in despair to Rome, Georgia, William Rosecrans had wanted to cut it off and trap them before they could get to La Fayette, thirty miles south of Chattanooga. Rosecrans had ordered his Army of the Cumberland to concentrate on La Fayette,Read More

Bragg’s Almost Battle at Davis’ Crossroads

September 11, 1863 (Friday) Braxton Bragg’s plans to fall upon an isolated Federal division were not going well at all. On the 9th, after abandoning Chattanooga, he discovered just how scattered William Rosecrans’ Federal army was, and stopped his withdrawal to La Fayette to take advantage of it. It was James Negley’s Division that wasRead More

‘Chattanooga is Ours Without a Struggle, and East Tennessee is Free’

September 9, 1863 (Wednesday) Since last we checked in, things had gone well, and yet not as well as hoped, for William Rosecrans’ Union Army of the Cumberland. On the 4th, they could be seen clawing and scratching their way up Lookout Mountain in an attempt to maneuver the Confederate Army of Tennessee, Braxton BraggRead More