The Fast Redemption of Rosecrans and the Battle of Stones River

December 31, 1862 (Wednesday) As the chilly dawn broke over Stones River, Union General William Rosecrans could hear the sounds of musketry on his right flank. This, he thought, was perfect. All was going according to plan. He was mistaken, but we’ll allow him to live in blissful ignorance for a little longer. The planRead More

Both Bragg and Rosecrans Plan a Waltz

December 30, 1862 (Sunday) On Christmas Day, Braxton Bragg learned that his Confederate Army of Tennessee was soon to receive the unwelcome gifts given by Yankees under William Rosecrans, his force of 35,000 had been spread out around Murfreesboro, Tennessee in a thirty-five mile smattering. Immediately, he began to concentrate along a three mile arcRead More

Rosecrans to Send Tidings of Great Battle to Braxton Bragg

December 25, 1862 (Thursday – Christmas Day) To soldiers of the Army of the Cumberland, Nashville was not home on this Christmas Day. To a man, they wished to be somewhere else; to be home with loved ones; to be at church; at the dinner table; anywhere but here, in the cold Tennessee muck, whereRead More

The Silver Lining of the Gray Pillow Suffocating General Rosecrans

December 24, 1862 (Wednesday) The month of December was not going well for William Rosecrans, commanding the Union Army of the Cumberland. For what seemed like ages, his force of 80,000 or so sat in and around Nashville, Tennessee, waiting. At Murfreesboro, thirty miles southeast, Confederates under Braxton Bragg, 30,000-strong, were doing much the same.Read More

Davis Visits the Western Armies

December 16, 1862 (Tuesday) Joe Johnston’s job wasn’t getting any easier. Nearly two weeks had passed since he arrived in Chattanooga to take command of the Department of the West. Hot on his heels was President Jefferson Davis, who had popped in to see how things were going. The President made his appearance on DecemberRead More

Joe Johnston Leaves for the Frustrating West

November 24, 1862 (Monday) Confederate General Joseph Johnston was back in the war. Well, not quite back. Not yet. On this date, he was finally leaving Richmond, en route to the West. There, he would be back in the war. Nearly two weeks had passed since he was given command of “The West” – or,Read More

Bragg Hopes the Yankees will Attack him Somewhere or Another

November 16, 1862 (Sunday) General William Rosecrans, recently placed in command of his army, had moved the main body of his force to Nashville, Tennessee. Previously, it had been led by Don Carlos Buell, but after an incredibly bad showing in Kentucky, Buell was ousted and Rosecrans, snatched from General Grant’s Army of the TennesseeRead More

Bragg’s Silver Lining and Another Chance for Everyone

October 31, 1862 (Friday) Braxton Bragg not only wanted to put the Kentucky Campaign behind him, he wanted others to forget about it too. However, soldiers and the public alike were calling for Joseph Johnston or P.G.T. Beauregard to take command. Even Bragg’s wife was critical of his performance during the past month. After chastisingRead More