The Battle of Perryville – A Lunchtime Surprise

October 8, 1862 (Wednesday) The morning in Perryville, Kentucky was one of relative quiet. Two armies arrayed themselves mere miles from their counterparts. Only static and anticipation filled the air where may otherwise have been lead and iron. From his headquarters at Harrodsburg, ten miles northeast, Confederate General Braxton Bragg waited for the sounds ofRead More

The Federal Ruse in Kentucky Working Better than Expected

October 7, 1862 (Tuesday) Col. John Austin Wharton, a cavalier from Texas, had been ordered by General Leonidas Polk to take his small brigade to Lebanon to gather supplies. Lebanon was a railroad town thirty miles west of Danville, where Polk was sitting with with Braxton Bragg’s Army of Mississippi. Following the gathering at Lebanon,Read More

Bragg Tries to Set Up a Kentucky Government on the Eve of Battle; Lincoln’s Visit

October 2, 1862 (Thursday) In Kentucky, things weren’t going so well for General Braxton Bragg. He, along with Kirby Smith, had invaded the Union-held state, threatened both Cincinnati and Louisville, but had been unable to win any kind of decisive victory that would wrest the state from Federal hands. Bragg and Smith’s Rebel forces hadRead More

The Splendid Rebel Plan to Retake Corinth

September 28, 1862 (Sunday) Sterling Price wasn’t an unreasonable man, it’s just that he didn’t believe a word Earl Van Dorn was saying. Following the strange battle of Iuka, Sterling Price and his army slipped away from Union forces under General Grant. Their move took them southwest, on a track to join up with VanRead More

The Armies Slip from Buell and Bragg in Kentucky

September 25, 1862 (Thursday) Confederate General Braxton Bragg was tired. His grand scheme was crumbling. Originally, he wanted Generals Earl Van Dorn and Sterling Price to join him with Kirby Smith’s troops in Middle Tennessee. Somehow or another it had all gotten away from him. Somehow, this grand army had turned into three, maybe four,Read More

Race to Louisville? What Race to Louisville?

September 21, 1862 (Sunday) After capturing the Union garrison at Munfordville, Kentucky, Confederate General Bragg’s Army of Mississippi seemingly cut off the Union Army of the Ohio from Louisville, where Bragg believed the Federals under General Don Carlos Buell were headed. Here, Bragg was faced with a choice. He could dive his 26,000 men backRead More

At Antietam, The Enemy Remains; Catching Up with the West

September 18, 1862 (Thursday) When Confederate General John Bell Hood looked across the fields of Antietam, he saw that the enemy was still there. He, as well as Stonewall Jackson, wished they had retreated. The result of the previous day’s battle – the bloodiest single-day of fighting in the war – was inconclusive. The FederalRead More