Rosecrans Receives Orders to Remove Buell, Who Receives Only Silence

October 24, 1862 (Friday) Don Carlos Buell was a man who was struggling. He struggled when Confederates under Braxton Bragg made quick time to Chattanooga in July. He struggled again in August when Bragg and Kirby Smith began their moves into Kentucky. The entire month of September, with Bragg giving him the slip and SmithRead More

More Changes than You Can Count – Buell On His Way Out!

October 23, 1862 (Wednesday) Ulysses S. Grant had recently learned that he was now in command of a department that included all of Western Tennessee, parts of Northern Mississippi, some of Kentucky, and Cairo, Illinois. To cover this ground, Grant was also a man with hardly an army. His Army of the Tennessee was stretchedRead More

Washington Strongly Urges Buell to Follow Bragg as John Hunt Morgan Continues

October 19, 1862 (Sunday) Don Carlos Buell, commanding the now stagnant Union Army of the Ohio, had done little more than watch the Confederate Army of Mississippi retreat from Kentucky. While his force had defended the state against the Rebel invaders, the general line of thought was that he let them return to Eastern Tennessee.Read More

John Hunt Morgan Rides Again – Captures Yankees Occupying his Hometown

October 18, 1862 (Saturday) The Confederate attempt to seize Kentucky was at an end. General Braxton Bragg’s Army of Mississippi was in full retreat towards Cumberland Pass and Tennessee. That did not mean, however, that Colonel John Hunt Morgan’s Rebel cavalry was going gentle into that good night. Quite the opposite. Morgan had been orderedRead More

General Buell: “It has Not Accomplished All that I had Hoped”

October 16, 1862 (Thursday) Don Carlos Buell had been given the slip in Kentucky. Two Confederate armies under Braxton Bragg and Kirby Smith, had invaded the state, moving more or less at their own will. While neither had been able to cross, or even approach, the Ohio River, when Buell and his Army of theRead More

Buell Closing in on Bragg, About to Bag all the Rebels?

October 15, 1862 (Wednesday) “Bragg’s army is mine!” shouted Don Carlos Buell, the typically grim Federal commander of the Army of the Ohio. After several days of slacking and lackadaisical pursuit of the Confederate Army of Mississippi, commanded by Braxton Bragg, Buell was absolutely certain that he not only knew where the Rebel commander wasRead More

With No Chance of Victory, Bragg Begins the Withdrawal from Kentucky

October 14, 1862 (Tuesday) It had been nearly a week since the Kentucky battle of Perryville, where the smaller Confederate force drove back what they later found out to be pretty much the entire Union army. With only half of Braxton Bragg’s Rebel command at hand for the attack, the Federal Army of the Ohio,Read More

The Battle of Perryville – A Lunchtime Surprise

October 8, 1862 (Wednesday) The morning in Perryville, Kentucky was one of relative quiet. Two armies arrayed themselves mere miles from their counterparts. Only static and anticipation filled the air where may otherwise have been lead and iron. From his headquarters at Harrodsburg, ten miles northeast, Confederate General Braxton Bragg waited for the sounds ofRead More

The Federal Ruse in Kentucky Working Better than Expected

October 7, 1862 (Tuesday) Col. John Austin Wharton, a cavalier from Texas, had been ordered by General Leonidas Polk to take his small brigade to Lebanon to gather supplies. Lebanon was a railroad town thirty miles west of Danville, where Polk was sitting with with Braxton Bragg’s Army of Mississippi. Following the gathering at Lebanon,Read More

Bragg Tries to Set Up a Kentucky Government on the Eve of Battle; Lincoln’s Visit

October 2, 1862 (Thursday) In Kentucky, things weren’t going so well for General Braxton Bragg. He, along with Kirby Smith, had invaded the Union-held state, threatened both Cincinnati and Louisville, but had been unable to win any kind of decisive victory that would wrest the state from Federal hands. Bragg and Smith’s Rebel forces hadRead More