The Second and Last Day of the Great Pageant – The Grand Review of Sherman’s Armies

May 24, 1865 (Thursday) As with the day previous, below you’ll find text pulled from the New York Times describing the second day of the Grand Review. It is accompanied by photographs taken mostly by Matthew Brady. The men who marched from the Ohio to the Tennessee under BUELL, only to march back again; whoRead More

Hood’s Confederates Finally Cross the Tennessee

October 30, 1864 (Sunday) John Bell Hood and his army weren’t exactly missing, but department commander P.G.T. Beauregard seemed more than a little worried that they soon might become so. The Army of Tennessee under Hood had a short history of wayward movements, especially since the fall of Atlanta. Hood had made plans, changed hisRead More

Sherman Still Waiting on Hood – Would Rather Be Sacking Georgia

October 26, 1864 (Wednesday) William Tecumseh Sherman badly wanted to march to the sea, laying waste to Georgia en route to Savannah. But the Confederate Army of Tennessee, commanded by John Bell Hood stood not in his way, but behind him. There was really no threat that Hood would fall upon his rear, but ShermanRead More

Beauregard Easily ‘Convinced’ of Hood’s Plan

October 21, 1864 (Friday) General P.G.T. Beauregard had been looking for John Bell Hood and his army – finally locating them at Gadsden, Alabama, and riding to meet with him on this date. Arriving at 11am, the two generals discussed the potential campaign. Hood was completely certain that falling upon the Federal lines of supplyRead More

John Bell Hood’s Incredibly Ambitious Plan

October 20, 1864 (Thursday) “I shall pursue him as far as Gaylesville,” wrote William Tecumseh Sherman of John Bell Hood and his Confederate army. “The enemy will not venture toward Tennessee except around by Decatur.” Hood’s strange raid upon Sherman’s supply lines had more or less crested, with the Rebels marching south, leaving Sherman somewhatRead More

‘In Serious Thought and Perplexity’ – Hood Decides to Slip Away (And That’s About It)

October 16, 1864 (Sunday) In the thinking of John Bell Hood (or at least in Hood’s post-war surmisings), his mission was complete. Though he had lost Atlanta, and though that same city was still under Federal control, he had managed to pull William Tecumseh Sherman’s massive army back to the same position it held inRead More

‘The Infantry Did Not Cease Its March for a Moment’ – Sherman Pursues Hood

October 15, 1864 (Saturday) With a now more positive idea where John Bell Hood’s Confederates were marching, William Tecumseh Sherman sent his men north from Rome. Hood had attacked Resaca and captured Dalton and to those towns, he pointed the troops in that direction. Sherman had arrived in Resaca on the day previous and wasRead More

‘If You Want It, Come And Take It’ – Federals in Resaca Refuse to Surrender

October 12, 1864 (Wednesday) The news coming to Col. Clark Wever on the morning of this date wasn’t good, but neither was it especially unexpected. Rumors that the vanguard of John Bell Hood’s was marching upon Resaca, which he was defending with a few regiments, had been swirling in the air for days. The nightRead More

Sherman Would Rather Be ‘Smashing Things to the Sea’

October 11, 1864 (Tuesday) William Tecumseh Sherman had completely lost track of General Hood’s Confederate Army of Tennessee. And mostly, he didn’t care. If he knew where Hood’s army was located and their intended destination, he would have to go on the defensive, and being bogged down north of Atlanta trying to defend lines ofRead More

Did Hood Ever Intend to Fight Sherman?

October 10, 1864 (Monday) John Bell Hood’s Army of Tennessee was in fine spirits. Though there had been a setback at Allatoona a few days previous, they had been tearing up General Sherman’s railroad north of Atlanta, gutting at least twenty-five miles of it before the Federals shooed them away. For the Southerners, it wasRead More