‘And Another Beautiful Victory Had Crowned Our Confederate Arms’ – Price Continues His Retreat

October 28, 1864 (Friday) Sterling Price’s Confederates had retreated over fifty miles, and were, on the morning of this date, turning toward Newtonia, the night previous being spent in Carthage. From Carthage, General Jo Shelby took the advance, while the divisions of James Fagan and John Marmaduke brought up the rear (Marmaduke’s Division was nowRead More

‘An Irresistible Mass Ungovernable’ – The Rebel Flight through Missouri

October 25, 1864 (Tuesday) “I knew from the beginning that I could do nothing but resist their advance, and depend on energy and night for the rest.” – Joe Shelby, commanding a division of Confederate cavalry in Sterling Price’s command. Following the battle at Westport, Sterling Price understood that his raid into Missouri was atRead More

‘And Don’t Spare the Horseflesh’ – The Federal Pursuit of Price

October 24, 1864 (Monday) “My pursuit of Price,” wrote Samuel Curis to Chief of Staff Henry Halleck, “has extended down the Line road opposite Paola. He makes rapid progress, but dead horses and debris show his demoralized and destitute condition and my probable success in overhauling him.” As the beaten Sterling Price and his ArmyRead More

‘And Nothing Was Left But to Run For It’ – Price Forced into a Retreat from Missouri

October 23, 1864 (Sunday) “I am confident I can stop [Sterling] Price at this crossing,” wrote Samuel Curtis to William Rosecrans, “and hope you will come up in his rear and left. […] If you can get that position we will bag Price, if I succeed, as I hope to do.” For days now, Rosecrans,Read More

Catching Up with Sterling Price

October 22, 1864 (Saturday) Meanwhile, in Missouri, Sterling Price and his army were on a bit of a tramp. Leaving Camden, Arkansas at the end of August, his Army of Missouri entered their namesake in the middle of September, met only by scant flashes of Unionist militia. Their original objective had been St. Louis, butRead More