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Writing this blog isn’t exactly an expensive endeavor, but neither is it free. Apart from the low cost of hosting the site, books are my only expensive. And as any Civil War buff knows, books aren’t cheap – even the used ones. In the past, quite a few folks have donated money and books toRead More

My Civil War Eyes Were Bigger Than My Civil War Belly!

Hello dear readers, I just wanted to pop in and let you know about some changes that I’ll be making. Over the past couple of weeks, researching and writing the CWDG has become a mentally exhausting chore from hell. I attribute this to the fact that I was in the midst of the Maryland Campaign.Read More

We Were Hacked…

This past weekend (and again today), CWDG and every other blog I run was hacked. I’m still sorting all of this out and it’s an absolute nightmare. Seriously, I was *this* close to just closing down everything. My feelings haven’t changed all that much since then. For now, it seems to be okay, but I’mRead More

CWDG’s Year-End Round Up!

With the close of 2011, we see on the Civil War Daily Gazette, the close of 1861. On the blog, as in life, I tend not to focus on arbitrary things like the end of the year. In the Civil War, New Year’s Day was just another day for the soldiers, and just another WhiteRead More

Happy One Year Anniversary, CWDG!

Today marks the one year anniversary of the first post. This also makes the start of the Civil War 151 years old. Time is flying and the sesquicentennial keeps chugging along. Through the first year of the war, we’ve seen Lincoln become president, Fort Sumter surrendered, the Union lose the battles of Bull Run, Wilson’sRead More

CWDG Gets 100,000th Hit! Also, a Big, Huge Thank You!

About a week ago, the Civil War Daily Gazette had its 100,000th pageview.1 It’s not, when compared to other blogs, a huge milestone, but I have to admit that I’m pretty happy about it, especially since I’ve only been posting for about ten and a half months. Pageviews are what old statistic trackers used toRead More

Extra: San Juan Island, the Pig War of 1859 and the Civil War in the Pacific Northwest

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I don’t have easy access to Civil War battlefields, cemeteries and other historical odds and ends. Sometimes it seems that there’s not even history to be had out here. Fortunately, that just isn’t true. It takes some digging, but eventually I find it. Sometimes, it even pertains to the CivilRead More

Extra: The Civil War in the Pacific Northwest – Fort Vancouver

Living in Seattle doesn’t give me very much access to things like Civil War battlefields or history in general. Sometimes, however, I’ll luck onto something and, with a little stretching, I can dovetail it into the Civil War. This past weekend, Sarah and I went to see a Vintage Base Ball game at Fort Vancouver,Read More

Some Thank Yous and a Few New Features

There are three new changes that I’ve just implemented on the site. Just thought I’d share a bit. First, a great big huge thanks to the folks who have visited my Amazon Wish List and purchased a book or two (or four, thanks!). In order to keep the posts as factual and interesting as possible,Read More

Black Confederates at the Battle of Falling Waters?

An interesting aside was noted by Jackson concerning Jeb Stuart’s capture of 50 Union troops at the Battle of Falling Waters: Colonel Stuart reports his capture of an entire company (the Fifteenth Pennsylvania Volunteers), with the exception of the captain. Three, resisting, were killed. He further reports that “one of the enemy was killed byRead More