CWDG Fundraiser! Huge Book Sell-off! Over 100 Titles Listed on Ebay!

Dear Readers! I just wanted to let you know that I’m selling off a bunch of Civil War books on Ebay. This is to raise money to help defray the costs of running this website. Every two years, I pay around $200ish for hosting, and that time has come around again. While this sesquicentennial blogRead More

And We’re Back (Sort of)

Today marks the 155th anniversary of the day that Abraham Lincoln was elected president. Five years ago, I chose this day as a fine day to start the Civil War Daily Gazette. While the entire blog is available for all to read, on our Facebook page, each day I’ll repost the article that corresponds toRead More

Announcing This Cruel War – My New Civil War Blog

As most who follow along with the CWDG on Facebook will know, I’m about to begin another Civil War blog called This Cruel War. Its focus will be much different from this one. Though I welcome all who wish to read, I want to caution you that many of the readers of the CWDG mightRead More

Farewell, Dear Readers!

May 30, 2015 (Saturday) On this date I bid you, dear readers, a very fond farewell. For the past (nearly) five years, I have sat myself down each day, researching and composing, detailing in writing whichever given day of the Civil War, 150 years prior. It has been a hell of a ride and, thoughRead More

Johnson Offers Amnesty to All Persons….

May 29, 1865 On this date, President Andrew Johnson issued his proclamation of amnesty to (almost) all who participated in the Rebellion against the United States. There were, of course, some notable exceptions…. Whereas the President of the United States, on the 8th day of December, A.D. eighteen hundred and sixty-three, and on the 26Read More

‘I Will Soon Be Home Once Again’

May 28, 1865 (Sunday) Camp 133 Regt New York Vols Fort Meigs Md May 28 1865 Dear Sister Cate I will soon be home once again I think the Regt will leave for New York the first of next week and it will take about three weeks to get mustard out and then I willRead More

‘They Have Mustered Out Some Few’

May 27, 1865 (Sunday) The mustering out of soldiers began almost immediately following the Grand Review. Some left as early as the 25th. For others, like sixteen year old Samuel Bassitt, who had volunteered the year previous. He had marched with Sherman’s army through Georgia and the Carolinas, but in early April, he came downRead More

The Last Great Book Sale!

With the war winding down, I need to do two things. First, I’ve got a mess ‘o books – far more than I have shelves, really. Second, I need to raise a bit of money to keep the website up and running for the next decade or so. And that brings us to this… BelowRead More

The Final Surrender

May 26, 1865 (Saturday) While the surrender of Lee’s army had gone off with little trouble, and Johnston’s eventually worked out, that of Kirby Smith’s sprawling yet dwindling army west of the Mississippi was a different story. It had been coming, of course. Ever since they learned of Lee’s capitulation it was certain. There wereRead More

Citizenship of Former Slaves ‘Fearful to Contemplate’

May 25, 1865 (Friday) Henry William Ravenel was a botanist from South Carolina. Through his studies he discovered numerous new species of fungi and is still remembered for his work. He was, however, also a slave owner. He had inherited his plantation from his father, and with this inheritance came families of slaves. As theRead More