Announcing This Cruel War – My New Civil War Blog


As most who follow along with the CWDG on Facebook will know, I’m about to begin another Civil War blog called This Cruel War. Its focus will be much different from this one.

Though I welcome all who wish to read, I want to caution you that many of the readers of the CWDG might not appreciate the new direction. I won’t be covering battles or troop movements, but will instead be looking at the politics and issues that led up to the war and still reverberate into the present.

That said, I hope to be as fair and even-handed as I was when writing the CWDG.

Because of this new project, unfortunately, I will not be re-running the CWDG. It will remain as it is for the indefinite future. However, on the CWDG Facebook site, I’ll be reposting articles on an almost daily basis.

And speaking of Facebook sites, This Cruel War has one as well – right here! Like us on Facebook and keep up.

This Cruel War will feature new posts Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays starting on August 24. See you then!



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