And We’re Back (Sort of)

Today marks the 155th anniversary of the day that Abraham Lincoln was elected president. Five years ago, I chose this day as a fine day to start the Civil War Daily Gazette. While the entire blog is available for all to read, on our Facebook page, each day I’ll repost the article that corresponds to the events that happened 155 years ago.

So if you don’t already, head over to the Facebook page and like us!

In other news, my new Civil War blog, This Cruel War is off to a pretty good start. It has basically become my exploration of the institution of slavery and how it related to the events that led up to the Civil War, as well as how it effected things during and after. It’s definitely more “heady” than the CWDG, and focuses upon politics and issues rather than battles and leaders.

There’s also a Facebook page for that – This Cruel War.



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