Amazon Wish List

I’m not really a huge fan of asking for donations or grubbing for money. The Civil War Daily Gazette is my own project and I’m funding it myself (the costs of running it are probably less than $5 a month). However, while some of my resources are available for free online (diaries, memoirs, Official Records, etc), much of what I use is actually in book form.

These books do cost something. Thankfully, I’ve been lucky in finding very cheap, used books that have been incredibly helpful along the way. Just check out my Bibliography. I believe all of the books in it (and thus in my collection) were purchased used.

Though I’ve never been a huge fan of Amazon, I’ve found their Wish Lists pretty helpful. Think of it as sort of a Gift Registry for a wedding or something. You place things you want on your Wish List and then hope that folks like you enough to buy them for you. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it just makes you seem bratty.

Nevertheless, for my upcoming research, specifically for this project, I am in need of a number of books. I’ve placed the books on my Amazon Wish List and am hoping for the best. That said, I do not want new books. Used books, if they are available, are cheaper, more practical and much preferred.

You can check out my Wish List here.

I’m not going to go on some long, PBS-style rant about how your support is the only way that CWDG can continue on. I started this project figuring that I’d take on the small expenses myself and that if anyone helped out along the way, it would be gravy. So basically, if you’d like to help out, this is how you can.



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